Notes of Using Concrete Batching Plant In Winter

2013-12-17 11:27:01


Winter in many places the air temperature is below zero, water will freeze and not only seriously affect the quality of the concrete, but also lead to concrete freezing temperatures; at 0 ~ 4 ℃, the concrete condensation time extended three times than 15 ℃, the temperature dropped to -3 ~ -5 ℃, the concrete begin to freeze, reaction to stop, when -10 ℃, the hydration reaction full stop, the concrete strength is no longer growing. Under the condition of negative temperature concrete free water become ice, volume increased by 9%, hardening of the concrete structure by frost heaving damage. In winter construction safety and quality risk increase, the cold weather, ground freezing and heating easy cause safety accidents. So the winter construction of concrete batching plant must take corresponding measures.
The winter construction of concrete batching plant which aspects should pay attention to protect, first bin insulation are mainly built for greenhouses, greenhouse height must satisfy loader loading height. And heat preservation of belt conveyor mainly adopts thermal insulation cotton or thermal blanket to cover all rounds and prevent sand heat lost. Concrete mixers according to the characteristics of the concrete mixing plant mixing console located in mixing in the building, winter comes to mixing building closed sealed all round, inside with 2 kw of heat pipe heat, specific heat pipes installation quantity according to the temperature. Before starting the other in a blender, must check whether actions of parts are flexible, heating mixer reducer, start to prevent overload burning control electrical appliances. The production of concrete mixing length is associated with the intensity and uniformity of concrete, should choose the best from our many experiments and production practice of mixing time. Mixing time is too short for an enormous influence of the homogeneity of concrete, too long to produce bleeding and segregation phenomenon. Application of field application of thermal insulation mainly adopts the erection greenhouses, internal stove or heater. Must guarantee greenhouses closed. Moreover due to the volume and area larger thermal greenhouses, to prevent upsetting, shed all needs to provide strong wind around the spring. Reservoir heat insulation mainly adopts steam and build greenhouses, access to our production water station using steam heating. Water temperature should be above 30 ℃