How to Select Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment?

2014-12-17 11:48:09


General principles of selecting concrete mixing station:
1. According to the production scale selection
According to the scale of production to determine the size of concrete mixing plant production capacity. Annual production of 200,000 m3 or less, concrete mixing plant productivity is generally not less than 90m3 / h; annual event in 200,000  to 300,000 m3, concrete mixing plant productivity is generally 120m3 / h; annual production of 300,000 m3 or more, concrete mixing plant productivity generally of 150 m3 / h or 200m3 / h.
2. According to the construction site selection
According to the size of the construction site, you can choose concrete mixing or concrete mixing station. Use concrete mixing, aggregate time enhance productivity than the same capacity mixer mixing station is high, the overall shape of neat appearance, small footprint stockyard, production environment is good, but the manufacturing, installation cycle is long, one-time investment cost is high. Use concrete mixing station, aggregates need promoted twice, flexible layout, fabrication, installation cycle is short, one-time investment costs low, but a large yard area, the production environment is poor.

3. According to the attachment of the device to select
Attachment device according to the situation to choose the specifications of concrete mixers and working dimensions. Mixer truck mixer loading capacity should work with the material ability to match, mismatch will affect the work efficiency. Loaders loading capacity should be matches with the feeding height of concrete mixing station ingredient station .
4. According to the management function selection
The use of intensive network management, you should consider concrete mixing equipment, network management functions, to avoid future upgrades difficult.
5. According to the technical performance of the device selection
Mainly from the advanced equipment, reliability, quality and versatility of aspects to consider. Devices should have advanced equipment, high degree of automation, powerful management and environmental performance and good. Equipment should be configured excellent control reliable, applicability, maintainability can be good.
Also, consider the high accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, greater use of standard parts can be good interchangeability.
6. Cost performance
 More reasonable approach is to choose the right cost performance.