JS1500 Concrete Mixer Operation

2014-05-05 14:50:14


New JS1500 concrete mixer in actual work, side arm work resistance is smaller, and no cut mill with mixing tube, makes side arm of durable degrees improve, mixing axis by needed drive force also reduces, so can assembly small power motor, makes manufacturing cost reduced, energy corresponding reduces.
1. First check the rotating parts, start with the barrel scraping touch, such as scraping touched, should be adjusted.
2. Inject oil into the gearbox rear, unloading worm gears and bearings should also be injected into oil.
3, Removal material from the barrel, cylinder spacing device locking, and then start the machine, if start the rotary direction is found not to meet the requirements, should be promptly cut off the power supply, wire to any two phase leads swap position, then restart.
4. Place concrete mixture into the cylinder, close the lid, and adjust the time according to the mixing time (must be adjusted for power).
5. Press the start button, main shaft driven mixing shovel operation automatically after the set time has been reached.
6. Discharge after shut down, and then to limit position by loosening the handle, rotating the hand wheel, JS1500 concrete mixer is by worm gear driven rotating barrel to ease the expected location, stop and then start the compulsory concrete mixer machine spindle running out of the material until the line clean to stop the spindle running, rotating the hand wheel item resets the tube.
7. Cleaning the stove, water into a barrel in spindle running clean residual material in the barrel or wash it with sand.