• Feb04

    Tips on Daily Use of Concrete Mixer

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  • Jan28

    How to Clean Freash and Wet Cement

    Once a cement mixer is properly cleaned, it is easy to maintain. The key is to clean it promptly after each use.

  • Jan16

    How to Remove Old Cement of Concrete Mixer

     Tilt the concrete mixer so that the acid/water mixture reaches all the way to the edges of the barrel.

  • Jan07

    How Do The Maintenance of Small Concrete Mixer

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  • Dec17

    Notice of Working Concrete Mixer

    Concrete mixer can not continue to operate in the work, please immediately cut off the power supply; clear the concrete mixer and then check and maintain.

  • Dec13

    Bulk Cement Silo-One of The Main Devices of Concrete Batching Plant

    But bulk cement silo has a lot of associations with concrete batching plants, it is that bulk cement silo is one of the main devices of concrete batching plant.

  • Mar19

    Load Cell in Concrete Batching Plant

     We all know concrete need different ratio to meet different application requirements,

    so all concrete stuff can’t enter into concrete mixer unless they are weighted.

    Load cell is used to weigh the stuff, such as aggregate weighing, cement weighing, water weighing, additive weighing, etc.

    This article will mainly introduce load cell in concrete batching plant.

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