Belt Conveyor of Concrete Batching Plant

2014-01-24 11:29:30


We will show you how the belt conveyor works on the concrete batching plant, and this is key point for all kinds of aggregates feed to into the concrete mixer, we usually call it the Slanting belt conveyor.

Slanting belt conveyor
This slanting belt conveyor have simple structure ,low energy consumption, easy maintenance, high strength of the cover tape, long service life, its comprehensive technical performance are superior to other similar products long service life, its comprehensive technical performance are superior to other similar products. Because of its independent supporting, not connected with the main building ,can be completely avoided by running part of the vibration caused by the main building, so that the various measurement scales within the main building to achieve accurate measurement. Its composition are: drive and driven roller, bend pulley, roller, tensioning devices, belt, cleaning device, rack and support aggregate device, then hopper, maintenance pedal and handrails etc.
Driving device of concrete batching plant
Driving device is electric roller or motor-hanging reducer,its structure compacted,and form factors small.
Driven roller and tensioning device
Driven roller install on the end of the belt conveyor,used to change the direction of the belt. Tensioning device used in conjunction with the driven roller, rotating the adjustment nut on the tensioning device to adjust belt tension force, so that belt tension force sufficient to ensure that generate friction between the belt and the roller so belt machines do not slip, and limit the belt at all sag between idlers,to make sure the normal operation of belt machine.
Sweeper installed in the vicinity of the driven roller for cleaning the surface of the return belt non-work .Hinged at the rack through the connection rod body parts,in the weight and the belt cleaning device under the action of the movement,V-shaped rubber belt plate continue scratching the surface of non-work,to wipe the inner belt aggregate,debris and so on.
Bend pulley
The role of the bend pulley is to change the direction of the conveyor system, to ensure the belt direction ,to prevent the leakage of the materials.