Tips on Daily Use of Concrete Mixer

2013-02-04 10:42:07

Tips on daily use of the concrete mixer


1. Concrete mixer should be installed in the flat position, with square timber underlay and wheel, tire put high overhead, in order to avoid occurs when start working.
2. Concrete mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection.
3. Mix cylinder rotation direction should comply with the arrow direction, if not, the change of motor wiring is a must.
4. Check the transmission clutch and brake and ensure they are agile and reliable. To make sure steel wire rope is not damaged, track pulleys are good.
5. After startup, pay attention toconcrete mixer components operation and ensure it works normal. Still you should also check the mixing blades to make sure if screw ever strike or loose.
6. Material in the cylinder can not have water, in order to avoid cylinder and leaf rust. At the same time you should also clear churn the soot formation, make the machine kept clean sound.
7. After work, you should switch out without electricity, and lock the switch box, to ensure safety.
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