How to Choose Raw Material of Concrete Block

2014-07-31 14:25:13


Raw materials, formula, process and equipment are the four elements of production bricks. Raw material and formula are the most important elements, because the process of brick making machine is around raw material and formula, so choice raw materials plays an important role in the block producing process.

Actually, the raw material of concrete block machine is very extensive, such as river sand, stone powder, fly ash, cement, construction waste, solid waste, etc. these all can be used as raw materials. Fly ash is the more extensive materials in brick machine production. Than fly ash block with clay products is light weight, high strength, good thermal insulation performance and good durability. Fly ash is used to study the production of various blocks with silicate blocks, pipe from fly ash autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete block, fly ash concrete small hollow block, the fly ash foamed concrete block, fly ash hollow block, etc.

When choosing block making machine materials generally should follow the following three principles.
1. Regional principle: the raw materials must be near the block factory, which ensures that the transport costs.
2. Matching principle: select several kinds of raw materials have to form the best gradation effect, in aggregate formed by the best quality under the premise of reducing the amount of cementing material as far as possible.
3. Lowest cost principle: to calculate the initial several products of mixture ratio, comparing the unit production cost on the premise of meet the requirements of the quality of the product, calculate the lowest cost of several batch should be identified as main raw material for production of purchasing. So that it can ensure the quality of bricks production also can guarantee the production cost.