Difference of Two Kinds Control System of Concrete Batching Plant

2014-04-01 11:49:28


What is the main difference between the centralcontrol and automatic computer control of concrete batching plant?

The feature of Central Control: That just needs 1 operator stand in front of control panel, pre-set the weighing accuracy, then the operator can control the every mechanical part intuitively and duly.

The feature of Automatic Computer Control: Use of time relay, contactor, star-shaped triangle changes, PLC, (transformers), and other electronic components to achieve the switch automatic conversion. The computer will count the concrete mixture ratio automatically with little error. The operator can add or edit the mixture ratio through Keyboard, control the whole concrete batching plant through Mouse. With the automatically control system, the concrete batching plant can save a lot of time and work constantly. At same time, the operator is very easy to learn and very easy to control the whole concrete batching plant.