How to Deal With Brick Machine Common Problem?

2014-07-03 15:47:59


Ⅰ. Block Crack
Sometimes when the block demould from the mold, we will find some of them are cracked. There are three reasons you may case this:
1. When demoulding, demuold process not smoothly
2. After the blocks come out from the mold, the block making machine vibrate
3. Check the pallet, is there any nail or something others under the blocks

Ⅱ. Top of block is loose
Sometimes when the block come out from the mold, the top of blocks are loose, not strong enough, then you have to remake them, as they cannot be used. At this time, please check
1. The raw material in the concrete mixer tank is enough or not
2. The pressure is strong enough when produce this blocks
Ⅲ. Paver blocks color layer is uneven
If the color layer of paver blocks is uneven, you must check whether the color material is enough, remember to supply color raw material in time.