How to Deal With Problem of PLC Control System of Block Machine?

2014-08-14 15:35:58


The brick making machine suppliers provide clients the PLC control system is composed by PLC and touch screen. PLC is equal to the host computer; touch screen is equivalent to the computer display and keyboard. System data and parameters are stored in the PLC, adjustment of parameters needs to be done on a touch screen operation.
We will be training the operators  when  installation and debugging hydraulic block molding machine for the customers. Because the parameters of the PLC is setting by brick making machine suppliers engineer and according to the customer's production situation to setting, and the customer's operating personnel may for this is not very good at, so operators best not change the parameters of the PLC without authorization. But if there is a hydraulic brick machine PLC control system parameter is set wrong operation, should be how to deal with?
The first method: brick machine parameters restore factory settings.
PLC computer control system has the data storage function, If in the operation of the touch screen, hydraulic block molding machine parameter is wrong, only need in the settings to restore factory settings, and can be restored to a state of brick machine before they go out, the data will also stay in the brick machine equipment in the factory when the factory after adjustment for customer.
The second method: contact the manufacturer directly.
If customers have no technical operations staff, and they are not familiar with brick machine PLC operation, to avoid the new problem, contact the manufacturer is a wise choice.