How to Equip With Belt of Block Making Machine

2014-06-18 15:11:02


When automatic hollow block making machine in conveying material must be used the conveyor belt transship raw materials from the concrete mixer directly to storage hopper of block machine, through the transfer of conveyor belt, the material can be into the hopper of the block making. The conveyor belt is important, and how to determine the length of the conveyor belt? If the belt too short, slope will be very big, transportation is very difficult, if conveyor belt is too long, the power consumption is larger.

Conveyor is made of welded iron frames, rollers and belt. The motor through reducer driving roller rotation, thus drive the belt movement, by the friction between materials and belt to achieve the purpose of conveying material. And in the conveying process there is one important thing, which is the height of the automatic block making machine is fixed. If the belt conveyor is too short, so will cause the conveyor angle too big, so the friction is not large enough to provide the material go forward, may cause some difficulties to feed. So, the right angle is very important, after our engineers repeated experiments, the angle of the conveyor and ground keeps in 30 degrees is the best.

Of course, some small block making machine equipment is customized according to the customer, so the length of the conveyor belt is also need to order.