Woking Process of Concrete Batching Plant

2013-12-04 11:19:15


Concrete batching plant includes concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, weighing system, air system, control system, cement silo, screw conveyor etc. Every working circle, they coordinate to finish producing concrete controlled by control system. The working process is as bellow:

1. Aggregate is measured in the aggregate weighing bucket, after discharging from discharge gate of batcher;

2. After measurement, unloading to the functioning flat belts, through flat belts onto the inclined belt;

3. Through inclined belt conveyor to be sent to the upper part of the concrete mixer hopper, waiting for instructions, while cement and fly ash and other additives is pumped by the water pump and the respectively transported to the weighing bucket and measured;

4. After the completion of the various measurement, command issued by the control system, materials sequentially go thrown into the concrete mixer for mixing;

5. After completion of the stirring, open the concrete mixer discharge gate, through the discharge hopper unload to concrete mixer truck , and then into the next work cycle.