Notes of Using Cement Block Machine

2014-04-24 14:45:14


1. When making raw material, the concrete mixer must be placed in a solid, with a stent or leg tube frame, in tire instead of support. Pay attention to the feed hopper rises, it is forbidden to anyone under the hopper pass or stay, work after the hopper should be fixed to leave again.
2, when the cement block machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to tools, hand in drum, so as to avoid accidents. Before every start the cement block machine should be check the clutch, brake, and steel wire rope should be good, maybe there are foreign bodies within the cylinder.
3, Regularly check the oil cylinder, valve block, valve parts, pipe and other hydraulic parts, oil, should be used to replace oil seal, sealing ring, such as maintenance or whole method is used to replace, avoid to run in spite of illness. In the operation of the oil pump and oil motor in often hear, see, touch, found abnormal, and must stop. Keep the hydraulic system, oil pipeline and hydraulic station interior clean.