How to Do Concrete Batching Plant Planing?

2014-03-11 14:10:15


How to do concrete batching plant planing?
Consider these overall:
1. Short concrete conveying distance;
2. Adequate source material, convenient transportation;
3. Electric power, water easy to access;
4. Venues open and flat, area to meet the construction needs;
5. Small construction interference (noise, dust, etc.);
6. Considering the construction needs, reflecting the advanced nature and economy.

Note when using cement silo:
1. Meet the needs for concrete production cycle
2. Release off f-CaO cement favor, to ensure stability
3. Favor to cement cooling
4. Meet cement testing cycle
5. Generally qualified to 3d cement strength results, can pass the emergency release procedures to be used
6. Avoid mixing different batches of cement