Application of Foam Concrete

2013-12-30 11:13:45


1. Used as a retaining wall. Mainly used for port rock wall.  After the quay walls used as lightweight backfill material can reduce the vertical cut-off charge , but also reduces the side wall of the lateral loads.
2. Construction of stadium and athletics track.
Use the drainage ability of permeable foam concrete as a light base , covered with gravel or above artificial turf , with a playground . Light soil density was 800-900kg/m3; such a stadium could be hockey, soccer and tennis . Or covered with a thick layer of 0.05m on light soil porous asphalt layer and the plastic layer can be used for the athletics track .
3.For the sandwich components.
Light soil can be used in precast reinforced concrete elements as the core , it has a lightweight, high strength insulation performance is good. Usually density of 400 - 600kg/m3 of light soil .

4. Filling the pipeline .
Abandoned underground oil tanks , pipelines ( built crude oil, chemicals ) , sewage pipes and other holes easily cause a fire or landslides, soil backfill lightweight solve these troubles , the costs are less . Light soil used in the pipe diameter and density depends on the water table , usually 600-1100kg/m3.

5. Lean concrete fill layer .
Due to the use of flexible hose , light soil with a lot of work and the degree of flexibility, so it is often used for lean concrete fill layer . Such as high heat resistance is not required , the use of a density of 1200kg/m3; fill lean concrete layer around the average thickness of 0.05m; requirements such as high heat resistance , is adopted as the density 500kg/m3; lean concrete filling layer having a mean thickness of 0.1-0.2m.
6. Roof slope .
Light soil for roof slope, with a light weight , construction speed and low cost advantages. Slope is generally 10mm / m thickness of 0.03-0.2m, using a density of 800 - 1200kg/m3;. Concrete bubbles .

7. Tank foot support.
 In order to cast light soil steel tanks ( built crude oil, chemicals ) at the bottom of the foot , if necessary, can also form a convex foundation , which ensures that the entire bottom of the support was in the best state of stress during welding , this support allows the tank using a continuous sheet bottom . At the same time also easy to clean the male ground . Use light soil density is 800-1000kg m3;

8. The foam concrete machine for landscaping
 Light Soil bulk density will be made in 600-1000kg/m3, can be used for garden rockery , trash , table etc.

9. Defense (modern warfare is the use of information and advanced mobility devices as attack tools )  
The light soil can be implemented immediately to repair the damage by enemy bombing military projects such as airports, highways and other important traffic , with our equipment and engineering process can destroy the enemy quickly repaired , the experimental results obtained after 10 minutes that can be used to repair aircraft movements , chariot through .

10. Applied on the highway : the pressure to reduce load or soil 
Light soil , bubble light soil , light soil highway