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  • Aug09

    High Strength Foam Cement Formula

    Since August 1, 2012, UNIQUE Company will use the new and improved foam stability enhancer to update the technical of the foam concrete, its biggest feature is the collapse mode, does not crack.

  • Aug03

    Six Common Troubles of Concrete Mixers (3)

    High temperature of reducer, Excessive temperature of agitator tank two shaft ends, and End of shaft leakage are common troubles of concrete mixers.

  • Aug02

    Six Common Troubles of Concrete Mixers (2)

    Mixing cylinder abnormal noise and reducer noise are both common troubles of concrete mixers.We should pay attention to them and solve in time to ensure concrete mixers normal working.

  • Jul31

    Six Common Troubles of Concrete Mixers

    JS series concrete mixer use double horizontal forced style, and can mixing hard concrete, plasticity concrete, liquidity and lightweight aggregate concrete and various grout, mortar.

  • Jul26

    Russia Joining the WTO

    Local time on July 23, Russia economic development Ministry official said Russia had completed the domestic ratification procedure of the Protocol of accession to the WTO and on the same day, sent out the notification to the WTO.

  • Apr05

    ConBuild Mining Indonesia 2012

    We will attend ConBuild Mining Indonesia 2012, from May 2-May 5, 2012, in Jakarta International Expo Center. The address is Jalan H Benyamin Sueb Gedung Pusat Niaga Arena PRJ (Kemayoran).
    Booth NO.: #1723

    Welcome to visit us then.

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