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Discuss how to slow the depreciation of concrete mixing station

2017-12-20 16:50:34

Discuss how to slow the depreciation of concrete mixing station

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After long time use,concrete mixing station will produce loss, how to reduce the depreciation of mixing station, prolong the service life of mixing station?

1. Prevent impurities from entering the machine internal

(1) use the high quality, form a complete set of spare parts and lubricating oil, grease, block the source of harmful impurities;

(2) to do well the work of the mechanical protection field,ensure that appropriate institutions can work normally, prevent various impurities from entering the machine internal;

(3)for the failure of mechanical, as far as possible to normal place to repair.On-site repair, also should be protective measures, to prevent the repair when the replacement parts before entering the machinery by the impurities such as dust pollution;

(4) in use, management and operating personnel should according to the local weather conditions, the air pollution situation, take effective measures to reduce the effective measures to reduce the chemical corrosion effect on the mechanical, the key is to prevent the rain and the invasion of the chemical composition of mechanical in the air.

2. Use process specification

(1) to prevent overload operation under low temperature, ensure the effective operation of the low speed estimate temperature stage, make mechanical reach after the specified temperature for travel or work, don't cry because it is not neglect its important problems at that time.

(2) mechanical operation at high temperatures to prevent concrete mixing station, mechanical operation process to regularly check all kinds of thermometer, found that the problem to stop the machine immediately to check and find fault even excluded.For want of reason, absolutely can't treated and still make the mechanical work, although it is ill.

(3) in the usual work,should pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system.For water-cooled machine, daily work must be checked before, add water.For air-cooled machinery, also want to regular cleaning the dust on the air cooling system, guarantee the cooling air duct flow.

Therefore, it is important to note that when users in the use of concrete mixing station to do daily maintenance work, reduce the depreciation of mixing station, in order to get more profits.