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A brief discussion on the environmental protection measures of the concrete mixing station

2017-11-28 10:44:03

A brief discussion on the environmental protection measures of the concrete mixing station



1.Dust and dust control in the stirring buildings

In the environment-friendly pre-mixed concrete mixing station, the concrete mixer and batching machine should be located in the enclosed stirring building, and it also needs to be equipped with dust collecting facilities, special management, regular maintenance or replacement. The raw materials, ingredients and mixing equipment in the mixing layer must be fully enclosed.

At the same time, users in the use of all the mixing stations to ban the unauthorized shutdown, removal of the dust pollution prevention and control facilities. In addition, the concrete discharge port of the mixer should be equipped with the facilities to prevent the concrete spraying. The waste residue on the ground should be cleaned in time to keep the cleaning under the feeding port of the main engine and prevent concrete deposition.

2.Silo dust and dust control

In the concrete mixing station of the environment-friendly concrete mixing station, the silo shall be taken in a closed silo. The pull-type dust removal facilities must be configured in the powder silo and aggregate silo outside the closed mixing chamber. The dust removal facilities need to be managed by a special person and regularly clean and replace the filter element (material) to ensure proper operation of the dust removal facilities.

3.Dust and dust control of the aggregate conveyor belt

The raw material conveying pipeline of the environment-friendly premixed concrete mixing station is carried out in the whole sealed space, which eliminates the leakage of dust in the process of aggregate transportation. At the same time, the dust collector at the intersection of flat belt and oblique belt and the bottom of inclined belt will collect dust in transportation.