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Maintenance Analysis of Air Compressor in Concrete Mixing Station

2017-07-21 14:44:12

 Maintenance Analysis of Air Compressor in Concrete Mixing Station

1, the air compressor should be used in dry, clean and well-ventilated areas, the air compressor on a solid level of the ground, the installation location should be away from the wall or other can block the air through the flywheel (leaving the wall at least 400mm) The

2, often clean or purge the fan and other parts that can gather dust.

3, the new air compressor for the first time after 150 hours, need to change the oil.

4, before each use to check the air compressor oil level and oil, oil at any time should be higher than the oil level low oil level scale. If the oil level falls below the mark, add new oil. Such as oil deterioration, you need to replace the new oil.

5, air intake filter to be checked and cleaned every week. Regularly check the tightness of the belt.

6, the tank need drainage once a day .