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The matters need to pay attention to when building the base of the concrete plant

2017-04-25 16:26:21

 The matters need to pay attention to when building the base of the concrete plant

1, concrete mixing station comparison can be made according to the actual situation of the construction site of flexible layout.But before installation, field should be level off in good condition, and compaction, and press release details of the position (details should be held until after completion of equipment installation), pre-made components supporting base, the mixed material storage and the concrete pier of the powder feed system to give good secondary grouting anchor bolt holes.

(2), the installation of equipment foundation is selected in the open place, in order to shorten the feeding period of loader.At the same time, also can ensure smooth finished product transportation convenient vehicle head, strong and non-interference in each other.

3, prefabricated foundation, to ensure the smoothness and the size requirements, so that the equipment installation is firm, the lap joint is reasonable.Because foundation quality will affect the normal work and the use of the quality of the equipment.

4, for the convenience of loader's feeding, the ingredients of the unit on the material side should be set on slope block, between its and batching unit should retain a bit can free access to patrol channel, in order to inspect, repair and maintenance of equipment and operation.At the same time, on the slope between the pier and batching unit should build protective fence, to avoid the scattered when loader feeding material accumulation, aggregate of concrete mixing station adverse influence on normal operation of belt conveyor.


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