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The matters needing attention to Batching machine

2017-04-11 16:31:16

 The matters needing attention to Batching machine


1. Open the batching machine, measuring said bucket should be empty bucket, shown above must be '0', if not for the "0" can be cleared

The key.

2. The batching controller does not work if the accident happen, can turn off the power supply is restarted.

3. The concrete batching machine boot the first weighting process to automatically divide correction program.Then according to the result of this revised

, automatic correction when each type of material is divided into two section of ingredients, to meet the measurement requirements.

4. Measuring said bucket must pay attention to don't let it get stuck.

5. Concrete batching machine to check before starting the line in the presence of loose thread and loose components, if any shall be firm and strong, not in the box

Have to put sundry