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Selection of Mixer Motor

2017-01-13 12:01:43


Concrete Mixer motor application range is very wide, in the selection of mixer motor, we have to take full account of their characteristics, then how should we choose the mixer motor?
(1) According to the starting characteristics and operating characteristics of the load, select the most suitable for these characteristics of the motor, to meet the production machinery in the process of the various requirements.
(2)Select the motor with the protection mode and cooling mode suitable for the environment of the place of use, and the structure should be suitable for the environmental conditions of the motor.
(3)Calculate and determine the appropriate motor capacity. Usually designed and manufactured motor, 75% -100% rated load, the highest efficiency. Therefore, the difference between the capacity demanded by the equipment and the capacity of the selected motor should be minimized so that the power of the motor can be fully utilized.
(4) Select the high reliability, easy maintenance of the motor.
(5) Taking into account the interchangeability, try to choose the standard motor.
(6) In order to make the whole system high-efficiency operation, must consider the electrical machinery the pole number and the voltage rank