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Component and structure of cement silo for concrete mixing plant

2016-12-06 10:33:27

    Cement silo is one of the main parts for a concrete mixing plant which mainly consist of the warehouse body steel structure part, ladder, guard rail, material pipe, dust collector, pressure relief valve, high and low material level gauge, discharge valve, etc.
    The cement bin (cement tank) is a cylindrical structure, the bottom of which is supported by four circular pipe supporting legs, and the whole barn is in the form of steel structure, and the top is provided with a dust collector and a pressure safety valve.
    The cement silo produced by UNIQUE is usually used with concrete batching plant to store bulk cement. It is a main part of concrete mixing plant. Except cement it can also store bulk material like fly ash fine ore dry mortar, it is featured by rain and dampness resistant and easy to use.