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need to take safety measures of concrete mixing plant operations

2016-11-11 16:44:35

    1, concrete mixing station, should check all the device meets the requirements before operation rear can start.After start-up, the workings of the parts and the instructions in the instrument should be normal, the pressure of the oil, gas, water should comply with the requirements, before starting work.
    2, homework, concrete mixing station, the workers are forbidden to enter production area, it is strictly prohibited in the storage zone and ascend into the bucket;Remove the material at the bottom of hopper, must elevate hopper to the appropriate location, insert the safety pin in orbit;Remove internal residual material hopper, must cut off power supply and monitoring by designated personnel.
    3, concrete mixing station homework, should clean up the mixing barrel, discharging door and hopper, and rinse, rinse additive and its supply system at the same time.
In addition, the frozen season, should put the water pump, admixture pump, water tank, and additives in the water, prevent damage to the device is frozen.

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